So Apple unveiled their new line of intel based computers and the world took a deep breath and said ahhhhh and ohhhhhh. In February their new Macbooks are available and support for ProApps will follow in March. Life is good, life is well people are tempted to say now but I beg to differ. There are several reasons why I think Apple should get their act together.

  • Quicktime

    Hey guys what is wrong with QT7. Apart from not being very stable it is sheer luck if streaming is working.

    • Dialup

      I am one of the two guys in Europe that still uses dialup to connect to the WWW. Streaming with quicktime? HAH. Despite the fact that Quicktime allows to select 56kbit upload speed, playing movies via the internet is not working at all. You either get no sound are the picture is missing, you really have to be luck to get a stream working at all.

    • Stability

      Version 7 really is not stable at all. Random freezes dodgy playback and discussion lists full with user questions/problems.

  • ProApps

    Don't get me started. Every release seems to be a russian roulette where you don't know if your Application will work or not. Since I use the software just for fun and do not earn money with it, I don't really care but others get into serious trouble because of this problems.

I do not want to bash Apple at all, but right now it looks like that they have shifted its focus. They are more interested in selling ther iPods and other consumer equipments than releasing proper sofware. A few years ago you could always say "Hey, use the ProApps, they are stable and QA is done for every release". Now I would tell them to wait after a patch has been released, read through the discussion list, wait some more, do a backup, install the update and pray. The problem is that a Version that was working prefectly could get completely screwed up with the next update.

So please wake up Apple, get your act together and fix those bugs.