I had some time this weekend and started cleaning up the non core plugins I am using on this website. The Folksonomy plugin is one of my most favourite ones. It not only creates the tag-links and tagcloud on this site it also provides the related story links at the bottom of each article.

The only small nitpick I had was that it had to parse every post for every request. With the small number of articles on this site, this is not a problem but I wanted to fix it anyway. Utilizing the new command-line functionality of pyblosxom 1.5 I created a small cache file creation command that creates the majority of the data. During this process I also decided to put this plugin up on GitHub so other people can use it.

Please note the initial author of this plug-in is Timothy Fanelli he did the majority of the work. I just made it work with pyblosxom 1.5 and added the caching functionality.