After running with the old design for a few years, well a lot of years to be honest, I thought it was time to change it. So I spent some quality time during the last few evenings and fleshed out a new one. So now without any further ado, feast your eyes on the new design, powered by the wonderful and easy bootstrap framework. Last time I worked with CSS I had to look at the code with firebug and figure out why it was not working as it was supposed to. With bootstrap on the other hand it was a breeze to get the layout I had envisioned.

So I spent some quality time this weekend and "backported" the site to the current pyblosxom HEAD. I managed to get all my old plugins working as well which is a big plus. The next step is a new site design since I am tired of the current one. Let's see how this is coming together.

So eventually I got sick of all the comment spam I got recently. That's why I switched the comment system to DISQUS. While the switch was easy I did not take my time to migrate the existing comments.

Update: So this was a short foray into the world of DISQUS. I switched back to the pyblosxom internal comment system. While looking nice, I think it is overkill for this site.

Wow, I should blog more often. I just was told that you can no longer post comments on my site which steems from the fact that I am using the no_old_comments plugin which makes sure, that there are no posts to old comments. Since I am not writing new entries that often nowadays, you cannot post at all. Well I fixed this for now, so if you were not able to post, well try again.

As for the RTSP patch, the latest one still works with a recent kernel, I have it running with that's why there is no release of a new tarball.

Long time no pyblosxom related info, I know.


Will more or less asked me to join the pyblosxom development team. Well it was more or like "Hey, what's your sourceforge username I'll add you as developer". My first task is to take a look at the setuptools related config and update it.


As for the site news. Well the link to scenemusic is no longer there but you can now see, what I was listening to recently. Kudos to to make this possible. The way I did it was pretty simple in the end, a more detailed description will follow.

Ok, that's it for now, I hope you enjoyed the show and see you around.