Long time no pyblosxom related info, I know.


Will more or less asked me to join the pyblosxom development team. Well it was more or like "Hey, what's your sourceforge username I'll add you as developer". My first task is to take a look at the setuptools related config and update it.


As for the site news. Well the link to scenemusic is no longer there but you can now see, what I was listening to recently. Kudos to last.fm to make this possible. The way I did it was pretty simple in the end, a more detailed description will follow.

Ok, that's it for now, I hope you enjoyed the show and see you around.

As promised here is the patch for 2.6.24-rc1. It should also work with rc2 but I haven't tested it myself yet. Debugging also changed. I now use pr_debug for output. This means you need to compile the modules with "-DDEBUG" to get the debug output.

NB: As always, this code works for me, if you find any bugs or have fixes please contact me.