Just a quick heads-up for everyone using the new tarball. Alexandre noted that the current version was not compiling at all with his setup. The problem occurs if NF_CONNTRACK support is compiled statically in the kernel. Instead of obj-m, obj-y is set and no module is compiled. I changed the Makefile and put up a new tarball.

Wow, I should blog more often. I just was told that you can no longer post comments on my site which steems from the fact that I am using the no_old_comments plugin which makes sure, that there are no posts to old comments. Since I am not writing new entries that often nowadays, you cannot post at all. Well I fixed this for now, so if you were not able to post, well try again.

As for the RTSP patch, the latest one still works with a recent kernel, I have it running with that's why there is no release of a new tarball.