First post with the new/old blog system. I used pyblosxom before, then took a break, switched to wordpress and then once more came back to pyblosxom. There are several reasons for it.

  1. Ease of use

    Although the setup seems more complicated, pyblosxom is easier to use. All you have to do is to create text files. Wordpress on the other hand, while easy to set-up, is operated via a web interface. Yes of course you can use one of the available blog editors to create new entries or even use the mail interface, but then it gets more complicated.

  2. Pythonic flavour

    So you edit you posts with a nice editor upload it to your blog/database and are happy with it. If you like it this way go on and use other blogging tools. Pyblosxom on the other hand is very close to the first blogging system widely used blosxom with the difference that it is written in python instead of perl. If you want to use blosxom instead of pyblosxom go on and do it I won't stop you. The thing is, blogging started as a fast way to get your ideas/thoughts/ramblings postet with out much thinking about the layout. We should really go back to the basics and do this.

  3. Funkiness

    Databases and PhP are really great fun but what nothing beats playing with Python.

To be continued......