Life has made several turns in the last few weeks and I am not in the mood to write about it ....yet. Nonetheless I still feel the urge to keep you, the reading protagonist, up to date.

Currently I am muddling around with a cunning idea to have a vent for my bogged down mind. I am still in the planning stage but a rough plan has already been plotted out in my mind. The idea is quite simple, I'll just try to write a page per week or even more easier, I'll try to write at least once a week not counting the words sentences or thoughts. The question that is still open, will it be a journal or a story. Well, I am a lousy journal writer as you have been seen but writing stories....... we will see.

Why I want to do this? Quite simple I don't want to get a work induced, thought related, personal meltdown. Writing should help me keep my mind in a pattern that's more or less structured. I know that this will not stop my now frequent brain farts but at least it should provide an entertaining read for you.

Since this "project" should help me think in a more structured way it will also be necessary to follow some predefined, simple rules. As soon as I have a clear understanding of what they should be, I'll post them here.