As seen in the last comments there seem to be issues with more recent kernels and the current tarball although it compiles without issues. I just uploaded an updated tarball which should take care of this. Big thanks to Sergey I'linykh who provided a patch for this.

As usual you can get it here.

After running with the old design for a few years, well a lot of years to be honest, I thought it was time to change it. So I spent some quality time during the last few evenings and fleshed out a new one. So now without any further ado, feast your eyes on the new design, powered by the wonderful and easy bootstrap framework. Last time I worked with CSS I had to look at the code with firebug and figure out why it was not working as it was supposed to. With bootstrap on the other hand it was a breeze to get the layout I had envisioned.

With the arrival of 3.7 yet another round of fixup patches are needed. The Netfilter code now also supports IPV6 NAT so some APIs changed. Thanks a lot to Fab for providing the neccessary patches. For anyone downloading this, please test it and tell me if it works. Right now I cannot even compile time test it.

As usual you can get it here.

I had some time this weekend and started cleaning up the non core plugins I am using on this website. The Folksonomy plugin is one of my most favourite ones. It not only creates the tag-links and tagcloud on this site it also provides the related story links at the bottom of each article.

The only small nitpick I had was that it had to parse every post for every request. With the small number of articles on this site, this is not a problem but I wanted to fix it anyway. Utilizing the new command-line functionality of pyblosxom 1.5 I created a small cache file creation command that creates the majority of the data. During this process I also decided to put this plugin up on GitHub so other people can use it.

Please note the initial author of this plug-in is Timothy Fanelli he did the majority of the work. I just made it work with pyblosxom 1.5 and added the caching functionality.

So I spent some quality time this weekend and "backported" the site to the current pyblosxom HEAD. I managed to get all my old plugins working as well which is a big plus. The next step is a new site design since I am tired of the current one. Let's see how this is coming together.

So eventually I got sick of all the comment spam I got recently. That's why I switched the comment system to DISQUS. While the switch was easy I did not take my time to migrate the existing comments.

Update: So this was a short foray into the world of DISQUS. I switched back to the pyblosxom internal comment system. While looking nice, I think it is overkill for this site.

Apparently another small change is needed to compile the module with 3.3 onwards. This patch is a little bit special since I do not have the infrastructure available to even compile time test it. So just drop me a line if it compiles or not.

As usual you can get it here.

Although a few of the my readers, yeah I had to start like this, already noticed it, I started taking pictures again. I sold my old gear, bought some new stuff, sent some of the new stuff back for calibration and took tons of pictures in the meantime. I really enjoy taking pictures now although I have a hard time getting the geek in me out of the picture. You know, is the exposure correct, what ASA/ISO should I use, damn the framing is off, is my camera frontfocusing, etc etc etc.