With the arrival of 3.7 yet another round of fixup patches are needed. The Netfilter code now also supports IPV6 NAT so some APIs changed. Thanks a lot to Fab for providing the neccessary patches. For anyone downloading this, please test it and tell me if it works. Right now I cannot even compile time test it.

As usual you can get it here.

Sat Jan 5 20:51:17 2013
Fab says:
Hello Mike,

the module doesn't compile, so I made a specific patch for your rtsp-module-3.6.tar.gz archive content.

You need to apply this patch to the 3.6 module:


Then, the module compiles without warning on the 3.7 kernel, and even though I didn't test it this way, I believe it's working, like my own "no module" version does.


PS: don't copy & paste the patch in a terminal, that could mess up tabs and spaces.