As seen in the last comments there seem to be issues with more recent kernels and the current tarball although it compiles without issues. I just uploaded an updated tarball which should take care of this. Big thanks to Sergey I'linykh who provided a patch for this.

As usual you can get it here.

Fri Jul 18 13:39:24 2014
Joe says:
I'm running Openwrt (barrier breaker) with kernel 3.14 and your latest version compiles without erros but is not working. Session is properly negotiated, but when content starts, it arrives to routers' wan interface but it's not natted to the internal address.
udp packets appear as new to iptables, not as related. Would it be posible to have an updated version for kernel 3.14? Thanks!!
Tue Jul 22 12:41:16 2014
Mike says:

I no longer have the infrastructure do do any development on it. It appears that something in the more recent kernel versions changed and therfore the modules are just broken.
Sorry that I can't help you with that.
Fri Jul 25 08:48:56 2014
Joe says:
Thank you for answering. Do you know of any alternative way for managing rtsp and NAT? Maybe a proxy?
My pay per view IPTV service is based on this combination (RTSP / NAT) and without NAT properly working I can only use a single set-top box (I DNAT the incoming stream to one STB). Thanks again.
Wed Jul 29 23:29:59 2015
bobii says:
Hi, i have same problem.
Latest version compile but is not working with kernel 3.16 for example.  :-(