Just for all the people looking for newer rtsp kernel patches. If not otherwise noted the latest patch always works with kernel versions >= its own version. Right now 2.6.26 which is the latest works with kernels all the way up to the 2.6.32-rc series.

Just a quick heads-up for everyone using the new tarball. Alexandre noted that the current version was not compiling at all with his setup. The problem occurs if NF_CONNTRACK support is compiled statically in the kernel. Instead of obj-m, obj-y is set and no module is compiled. I changed the Makefile and put up a new tarball.

Wow, I should blog more often. I just was told that you can no longer post comments on my site which steems from the fact that I am using the no_old_comments plugin which makes sure, that there are no posts to old comments. Since I am not writing new entries that often nowadays, you cannot post at all. Well I fixed this for now, so if you were not able to post, well try again.

As for the RTSP patch, the latest one still works with a recent kernel, I have it running with that's why there is no release of a new tarball.

Hello everyone,

Starting with 2.6.26 the format of the patch I provide will differ. With the former patch you had to patch your kernel by hand and enable the module in the configuration. A few people remakred that this was a little bit difficult to handle.

From now on the patch is setup as an external module. Just extract the tarball, enter the directory and call:

  • make
  • make install

You need to have NF_CONNTRACK_NAT enabled in your kernel configuration though. For more information consult the README file. You can get the source here.

The name starts with rtsp-module.

NB: As always, this code works for me, if you find any bugs or have fixes please contact me.

BTW this code also works with 2.7.27 so do not look for a tarball.

I had a look at some old posts and noticed something very interesting. I often talked about the things I was doing right now and promised a more detailed explanation later on. Looking at "later" now shows me that this actually never happened.

Now the question my dear reader, what would be something interesting I should write about? NO that's not fishing for comments but it comes close. :) So please take your time, think and tell me what you are interested in.

So there is a patch for 2.6.26 now. As usual you can get it here. Some more changes to the API this time but it works for me.

NB: As always, this code works for me, if you find any bugs or have fixes please contact me.

If anyone is interested I also updated the POM repository for the RTSP patch. You can find it here as well.

Finally 2.6.25 is out. As usual you can get the RTSP patch here. There has been no change between this and the latest RC.

On a side note. I am curious who is actually using this patch. Of course I could read my apache logs but having a comment like "Yes, I am using it for ...." is so much nicer.

NB: As always, this code works for me, if you find any bugs or have fixes please contact me.

Im am not dead ...yet. Just to inform the guys downloading the RTSP from here as soon as 2.6.25 proper is out I will put a patch online. The current -RC kernel works here but changes to the code might happen before the final release.

On a side note. I recently started playing around with a RAID-5 setup for my file server. After finishing it up, I'll probably post an entry or two.

Long time no pyblosxom related info, I know.


Will more or less asked me to join the pyblosxom development team. Well it was more or like "Hey, what's your sourceforge username I'll add you as developer". My first task is to take a look at the setuptools related config and update it.


As for the site news. Well the link to scenemusic is no longer there but you can now see, what I was listening to recently. Kudos to last.fm to make this possible. The way I did it was pretty simple in the end, a more detailed description will follow.

Ok, that's it for now, I hope you enjoyed the show and see you around.