Hello everyone,

Starting with 2.6.26 the format of the patch I provide will differ. With the former patch you had to patch your kernel by hand and enable the module in the configuration. A few people remakred that this was a little bit difficult to handle.

From now on the patch is setup as an external module. Just extract the tarball, enter the directory and call:

  • make
  • make install

You need to have NF_CONNTRACK_NAT enabled in your kernel configuration though. For more information consult the README file. You can get the source here.

The name starts with rtsp-module.

NB: As always, this code works for me, if you find any bugs or have fixes please contact me.

BTW this code also works with 2.7.27 so do not look for a tarball.

Mon Nov 3 20:44:31 2008
Daan Willems says:
Why is this code not embraced in the vanilla linux source tree? I think it to be a great miss that there is no prober support for conntrack rtsp in there. Anyway, thanks for releasing.
Sat Nov 8 17:04:38 2008
Michael Guntsche says:
Well, I asked about inclusion in the kernel code on the netfilter list a while ago, but there was not much positive feedback. I would be really happy if this code was in the standard kernel since a lot more people would check the code and make improvements.