So there is a patch for 2.6.26 now. As usual you can get it here. Some more changes to the API this time but it works for me.

NB: As always, this code works for me, if you find any bugs or have fixes please contact me.

If anyone is interested I also updated the POM repository for the RTSP patch. You can find it here as well.

Sat Aug 9 14:14:24 2008
victor says:

Just to let a little message to tell you I am using this patch :)

You don't do enough advertising for it, it was really hard to find it on google.

I will make a little post on a french site I am regularly consulting to talk about it when I will have compiled it and made sure it work :)

Thanks for your work, it is a shame that this patch is not in mainstream kernel.
Mon Aug 11 15:35:10 2008
Gourmet says:
I'm totally agree with victor.
As I know its existence I simply look for "Mike rtsp" but for the others ...

I have been used this patch from its early version (2.6.22) since the existing patch disappear with 2.6.18 and I must admit that it saved my life :).

I also daresay that the behaviour was not exactly the same in early revisions as the previous-2.6.19 patch: impossible to open several RTSP session. The system blocks and it's impossible to open new session during a couple of minutes.
This behaviour seems to have disappeared in the 2.6.25 revision.

Good work again!

Tue Aug 12 06:20:19 2008
Mike says:
> This behaviour seems to have disappeared in the 2.6.25 revision.

Good to hear that. I did not change anything specific in the last version, but have not tried multiple streams in a long time.
Are you opening the streams from the same machine and what is the source?

I just want to take a look at it the next time i update it for 2.6.27 if there are any netfilter related changes.
Mon Aug 18 08:40:18 2008
bill says:

why isn't it on or better in the vanilla kernel? it's a pain in the ass for non developpers.
good job