Just for all the people looking for newer rtsp kernel patches. If not otherwise noted the latest patch always works with kernel versions >= its own version. Right now 2.6.26 which is the latest works with kernels all the way up to the 2.6.32-rc series.

Sun Apr 1 21:27:00 2012
Gourmet says:
I've been using your patch as well a the ones from the previous author beginning, probably, with the 2.6.14 kernel (in 2006).
Despite what the mainstream team can think about the RTSP protocol I cannot afford to not using it.
Indeed, may thing are, today, transported through RTSP: SIP communications are RTSP (you cannot always staying hidden behind a public proxy), Internet providers use RTSP to broadcast TV channels towards the computers.
So, as far as RTSP will be used we'll need nat_rtsp module.

Do you intend to publish an equivalent for 3.x kernels (the module signatures have changed)?
Thank you for you job.

Thu Apr 5 12:15:45 2012
Mike says:

The latest version should compile just fine with 3.x kernels. As I am currently not running any linux machines here I cannot test if it still compiles/works with the latest version though.