Since some changes happened to the netfilter code in 2.6.22 a new version of the rtsp patch is online. Big thanks go out to Jan Engeldhardt who really helped me getting this patch done in such a short time.

The location of the patch is still the same so go and grab it.

NB: As always, this code works for me, if you find any bugs or have fixes please contact me.

Tue Nov 27 15:26:07 2007
Arie Skliarouk says:
Have you tried to submit the rtsp nat module to patch-o-matic, so that newbies (like me) can use it?
Wed Nov 28 14:36:07 2007
Maru says:
Yes, I tried that.
I was told that they would prefer to keep it out of match-o-matic. I started setting up an external patch-o-matic repository but did not finish it since there was not much interest in it.